Our Service Guarantee:

PC Home Help Ltd operates a 30 day Service (Labour) Guarantee. This means that if the same fault returns we will book a return visit to ascertain the cause. We will carry out any remedial repairs free of charge should the fault be a result of our workmanship, i.e: The issue relates to something which is completely beyond our control, i.e. customer/third party use/software/hardware/internet/service providers etc. Any exclusion listed within our terms.

Cancelling your contract (Goods and Services):

Contracts made by telephone allow customers to cancel their contract within 14 days. This is known as a cooling off period. If a customer requests an urgent visit within the fourteen day cooling off period, we will inform them by phone, email and prior to commencement of work of how this may affect a customer’s right to cancel, as our service will have likely to have already been ‘performed’ at the point of cancelation.
Any payment made up to the point of cancellation will be retained by us for work already carried out. This may also apply to labor costs associated to the necessary provision of goods, although goods purchased (over £42) may be rejected by the customer in the cooling off period. If you want to reject goods within 14 days, please advise us by telephone or by email or complete the form overleaf and we will uninstall and remove them free of charge. A refund will follow within 7 days.

Faulty Goods under 30 days:

If goods are suspected to be faulty within 30 days of purchase, please tell us and we will send an engineer to test the part. If tests prove the part is faulty, we will repair or replace it free of any charges, (subject to van stock availability or within a few days (if it is ordered). Customers also have the right for the component to be removed and refunded as an alternative option; refunds will be made within 7 working days of removal. Please note this option may mean your PC may not be in full working order, we regret that we cannot be held responsible for this.

Faulty Goods over 30 days and up to one year after purchase:

After 30 days, up to 1 year, an engineer will visit to diagnose faults and repair or replace, as required. Our normal labor charge will apply for this service (unless an enhanced guarantee was purchased at the time of a full PC sale)..